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When a person is coming to the realization that they will have mobility issues or will be confined to a wheelchair it can be difficult. Nevertheless, once they realize this they start thinking of how they can have the most freedom in their life as possible. One way to do this is to use a stairlift.

Curved Stairlifts are perfect for homes with multiple sets of stairs or curved stairways. These are custom made, so they will perfectly fit your set of stairs, no matter how they are laid out. Curved Stairlifts are just as safe and practical as a straight stairlift. It will glide along just as easily and provide the same results.

If the price of buying a new straight or curved stairlift is beyond your financial budget you could consider renting which should reduce the start up costs dramatically. The only set back is that many suppliers will not rent curved Stairlifts due to their bespoke design. If your staircase is straight then you are home and dry. You will have a huge choice of models to choose from.

The features that are available for them are enough to make a choice and choose the Acorn products. They can purchase the stairlift prices model that they believe will suit their home and fit their budget.

You do have the option of buying two or more straight models for your curved staircase. The user will have to perform a 'mid-flight transfer' between the two lifts and so is not always an ideal solution, but it could save money. The other downside of this method is the potential for paying more maintenance costs, owing to the upkeep of two motors. You could, however, install reconditioned models, making further savings over new. When buying your lift, you should also consider that you can buy different chairs for the carriage, get the option that is the best for you, making the ride as comfortable as possible.

Have you heard of the phrase 'hitting the nail hard'? Well, in selling second hand stair lifts, your sales pitch is the hammer that will drive the nail hard. Prepare a very classy, outstanding description that is simple yet very powerful and totally free of marketing language or technical jargon.

The type depends on your staircase; most stair lifts are straight, suitable for straight staircases. This type is cheaper because they do not need to be customized much. For homes with curved staircases a curved lift is required, these usually cost much more because they have to be custom made. Curved lifts are also much harder to sell if you do not want your lift anymore.

What I do know though is that, today's stairlifts are really easy to use, functional, quiet and a pleasure to look at. They can easily become a centerpiece and a point of interest for any visitor to your house.

The second hand unit may not match your exact needs and may not have any options that are now standard dda compliant lift car dimensions on new models items like safety belts remote controls motorized swivel chair etc.

There are also outdoor stairlift options. External stairs could be needed as well. It is designed the same as an indoor stairlift and made sure to be safe for outdoor use. It is another way to provide independence for the user with mobility issues.

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